"La Ayuda Que Tenemos (The Help We Have)" was inspired by my healing journey after having suffered from substance use disorder and honors the people and places that make life in recovery a reality. This allegorical image is filled with symbolism: The person, upon a magical awakening, places his feet firmly on the floor, and the overlong arms touching him and reaching out represent loved ones from the past, present, and future. The fox represents a reunion with the sacred spirit, while the owl and red cardinal represent my parents: my mother (the owl) for her wisdom and grace, and my father (the cardinal) for hope and determination. The owl and cardinal sit atop an endless serpentine body, representing their support through life's challenges and lessons. The cherry blossom trees, hummingbirds, and gentle waves indicate a reawakening and connection to nature...these natural elements blend into the interior space, representing the integration of worlds. The fragile sunflowers represent friends who are recovering and beginning to strengthen and bloom. The flowers on the floor honor those who lost their lives in the battle against the disease.  The books on the bed indicate the wisdom shared by many Teachers, while the books flying overhead represent the constant opportunity to learn and apply the wisdom alive in moments. Finally, the lit birthday candles represent a celebration: ten candles for ten years of sobriety.
Behind the scenes on the photoshoot for "La Ayuda Que Tenemos (The Help We Have)."
This is the image from which the final artwork was produced.
 Once images are captured during a photoshoot, one is selected and processed in post-production using various digital applications, where coloration, illustration, composition, and further editing occur.
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