Daniel E. Zamora is a multidisciplinary artist who developed his unique storytelling style through skills in media, photography, illustration, and sound art. He received a Bachelor of Science in Global Art, Design, and Construction from Texas A&M University, which included concentrations in creative cognition, lateral thinking, color science, and anthropomorphic design. Currently, he is an MFA candidate at the University of Houston in the Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms graduate program. His past vocation as a National Makeup Artist and Master Pigmentation Consultant for the Esteé Lauder Corporation expanded his skills, knowledge, and creative practices. Zamora’s illustrative style lends itself to mysterious timelessness and conveys beckoning, provocative energy. The phenomenon of lived experience, storytelling, literature, mythology, and fairy tales inspires his visual and sound art. His work’s themes explore the experiences of healing, timelessness, and memory, varying from the fantastic and whimsical to the eerie, often depicting potent moments rich with wonder and possibility.
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