"The Seamless Present" allegorically explores the intersection of ritual, identity, memory, and impermanence. I am fascinated with the construction of identity and how this phenomenon influences the ritual of birthdays. The atmosphere is warm and eerie: The lighting casts a spooky glow onto the bodies. Floral wallpaper is overshadowed by a large window, which reveals a dramatic stormy sky. The helium balloons, floating bubbles, lit candles, and blackbirds in flight all represent the impermanent nature of things. The hiding spider and its web indicate the passing of time and things yet to come. The birthday celebrant dons an ambiguous smile and looks straight out, seemingly acknowledging the audience, while his cheek is adoringly - perhaps menacingly - pinched by the hand of the elongated arm of a person of color, which dually symbolizes gentle affection and the past trauma of racial inequality.
Seamless Present (detail)
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